Want To Save Money? Buy Kirkland Minoxidil Direct

Kirkland MinoxidilI’ve decided this month I want to write about a topic that’s close to my heart as I was losing my hair for a long time and as a woman it’s devastating. I tried lots of things but in the end it was Kirkland Minoxidil (yes, the Costco brand) that fixed my problem and I have Minoxidil 2 U to thank for it, so this post is dedicated to you guys 🙂

Minoxidil and hair treatments that contain it is such as Kirkland Minoxidil are available as an over the counter treatment and there are generic versions available.

Self Esteeem & Hair Loss

For many men and women premature hair loss can have devastating consequences for their self esteem and can also impact directly on their social and professional lives. Unfortunately we live in a world that sometimes values superficial surface appearance over substance and in our societies first impressions are often incredibly important. A healthy head of hair is one of the contributors to a great first impression.

In the past those who were suffering hair loss would often have to resort to treatments that were scientifically unproven. Today the situation is very different. Advances in medicine and the development of new treatments for hair loss means that those suffering from this embarrassing condition now have new hope that they can enjoy that full head of healthy hair once more.

Minoxidil – IS effective!

One of the most effective treatments to emerge recently has been minoxidil and it is not only suitable for your head hair it is also suitable for beards as you can see in these entries “does Minoxidil work for beards” and “does Minoxidil really work?”. So as proven already the answer to the question “will there ever be a cure for baldness?” I guess the answer is yes!

This substance is defined as a ‘antihypertensive vasodilator medication’. It is currently used to treat hair loss caused by androgenic alopecia in men and women.

Where can you get it?

However many people choose to buy minoxidil direct from suppliers. Many of these suppliers can be found on the Internet and many have been in business for a significant amount of time whcih allows the buyer some peace of mind that they will not only be receiving a quality product, but that they will also be receiving it in the shorted possible time. Many of these suppliers also provide a guarantee that the product that they are supplying is the real thing – not an imitation.

There are several advantages to buying minoxidil direct.

  • Firstly there is the cost.
  • Buying direct cuts out the middleman leading to incredible savings.
  • The fact that these suppliers do not invest in physical stores stores that are open to the public means that they save on costs which are then passed on to the consumer.
  • It is also true that they are able to buy in larger bulk than many pharmacies – meaning that they save simply on the well known principle of ‘economies of scale.’ Once again these savings are passed on the the consumer.

So if you suffer from hair loss and want to get the best deal on minoxidil then it may be a good idea to buy the product from a reputable online supplier.